DPF Explained

Most vehicles fitted with a DPF filter that cleans diesel particals from the exhaust fumes. At some point you will need to have it replaced  at some point in the cars life, in most cases the DPF needs to be replaced in the first few years. Any DPF faults will not be covered by a dealer warranty. BE AWARE!


DPF Diesel Partical Filter

Diesel particulate filters have been fitted to diesel cars for around 12 years now and have received a mixed reaction from the industry. The modern diesel is a much more sophisticated affair than its 1980’s predecessor and the impetus for the technology that has given us smooth, powerful, clean diesels in our cars today has come from emissions regulations. It is unfortunate that in order to meet these increasingly stringent regulations, diesel engine manufacturers have had to turn away from improving the combustion process to using treatment of the exhaust.


NOx or particulates?
As can be seen on the chart (below) it is the reduction of oxides of nitrogen and particulate matter (PM) (soot) that has become the battle ground for the manufacturers. NOx is formed when the combustion temperatures exceed 1,800degC and the oxide formed depends not only on the temperature but the length of time the heat is applied.

Most manufacturers have used Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) as a method of reducing NOx formation. This works by re-introducing the relatively inert exhaust gasses as a percentage of the total intake, which has the effect of slowing down the combustion process and reducing the peak temperatures in the combustion chamber. Unfortunately it has side effects.

DPF Common Faults

DPF Light Flashing
DPF Light On Constantly
Blown Turbo
Injector Seals Fail
Engine Management Light
Car Goes Into Limp Mode (Will not REV over 2,500-3,000)
Huge Loss Of Power

If a DPF warning is ignored or you do not get the DPF serviced, then this will lead to engine failure caused by DPF blockage.


Prices for DPF cleaning start from £90 but vary from car to car.

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